Dentist Business Card Design Concepts
Square format (Back Idea A, Front, Back Idea B)

The Open Road of Love and Life
Inspired by the song "Cast No Shadow" by Oasis

The Cave Of Solace
Having used all the resources on Earth, the Moon, Mars, Europa, and Titan, humans reached out to the extra-solar planets. Desperate for a home, they find consolation on a planet with evaporating oceans due to the close proximity of its red giant star. They pay the price of living underground and in caves to escape the extreme temperatures but take advantage of their situation and convert their new sun's energy to power their technology.

Archetypes Within

Sci-Fi Environment (Unfinished Concept)
I was going for a graphic yet cinematic look for this piece.

Original character design. His name is Aachuu (yes, sounds like a sneeze). And he is the most trusted soldier of the great King Hhooouua (yes, sounds like a yawn). By orders from the great King Hhooouua, Aachuu set out to destroy Earth. However, when gathering his research before completing the mission, Aachuu discovered a certain aspect of human behavior that was worth savoring. Because he loved what he'd found so much, he decided to stay, assimilate, and make it his new home as he watched humanity destroy themselves, saving him the trouble and providing him with hundreds of years of entertainment.


Machines from another world discover Earth...but they are too late. Earth has turned to rubble after decades of war and conflict due to humanity's reliance on divisive superstitions. Mankind is extinct and all that is left are the bodies of innocent civilians who once lived peacefully in their cities. 

Fritz Lang's 2001
What if Fritz Lang made 2001: A Space Odyssey instead?

Search City
Searchlights illuminate the foggy skyline in this matte painting inspired by Blade Runner and Star Wars.

Matte Painting

Mayan Hills
Matte Painting

Disappointment (Unfinished Concept) 

Hope (Unfinished Concept)

Archaic Future
I painted everything but the characters

Archaic Future (Details)

Style Frames For Title Sequence


Chestburster Tattoo Design

Galileo Wrestling City Champions
Hoodie graphic for my high school's wrestling team (of which I was a part of) using the school colors. 

Commodore Stockton Alumni Class of 1998 Kickball Cup 2011
T-shirt graphic I made for an unofficial event where my former elementary school classmates and I got everyone together again.
T-shirt graphic I made from the faces of my closest friends and I for fun and for a bit of an inside joke.